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Please read the contents of this board before joining, as it contains the site's rules and other important information, such as plots. Yes, rules are a bore, but they're necessary.

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Here is where all the site contests will take place. Admins will set them up every now and then, so be on the lookout, as there are prizes!

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Sorry luffly members, dears, it's Admins only. This is where we plot world domination. ;o

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Want to roleplay, but you have no muse for pokemon? Go here!

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Bored, waiting for a reply or just want to talk? This is your board.

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Character Management

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No New Posts Character Bios

This is where you first post your character's bio. Once it has been accepted, you can start to roleplay.

The password for this board can be found in the rules.

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No New Posts Personal Computers

In this board, you should create a thread for each of your characters, containing information on their current party Pokemon, PC-Stored Pokemon and their items.

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No New Posts Character Development

In this board, you can develop your character a little. Create a Journal for them to record their thoughts and feelings, set up relationships with other characters, request a roleplay partner, or even work out mini-plots with other members involing your characters.

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Senko Region

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No New Posts Freshpine Town

The first town of Senko. There isn't much here, besides the Pokemon Lab, where new trainers come to obtain their first pokemon.

Sub-board: Poke Lab

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No New Posts Route One

Here is route one, the first route of your big adventure! This route contains loads of smaller pokemon, for first-time trainers. This route is a lush forest that is constantly blooming with flowers and fruits to eat! The path may be worn out, but that doesn't stop this route from being beautiful! Here, you will see lots of bug and grass type pokemon.

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No New Posts Route Two

Route two! You finally got out of route one! Congrats! Now you have another fourteen to go, but dont worry about it! The next few will be sort of easy! This route is a forest until its halfway mark, and then it turns into the sandy shores of Mizuu Lake, making this one of the most beautiful routes in Senko. Here, you will see lots of bug, grass and water type pokemon.

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No New Posts Mizuu Town

Mizuu Town, a city completely underwater, was built like so; Air tunnels lead down into the city, where it rarely snows. Though once, in 2006, snow managed to hit the lake, and as the water expanded, the air tunnels popped. The Air tunnels were all very weak, for the people of the lake had no clue it would eventually snow here.

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No New Posts Route Three

Here is route three, two down now. You finally have your first badge also! Such a big accomplishment for your adventure! Now it is time to start heading to Mori Town where the second gym lies! This route is kind of creepy though. It is a forrest, but the trees cover the path so thickly that the sunlight cant get through. Here you will find a lot of ghost and dark type pokemon.

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No New Posts Old Mori Town

Here are the ruins of old Mori Town. During the initial war within Senko, before Senko hid itself from the world, this used to be Mori Town. The enchantments that protected the town from fire and destruction had ended up failing, and soon the town had been raided. Now all that is left are the charred remains of the hollowed trees that once contained the housing of this place. The ground remains black; a reminder of what war brings to the world.

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No New Posts Mori Town

Mori Town. One of Senko's pride and joy. This town shows that Senko still cares about nature, and would rather keep it instead of destroy it. The buildings were all built into the trees; each decorated with flowers outside. This is where the second gym lies, and the first contest building too.

Sub-board: Mori Gardens

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No New Posts Route Four

Route four! Now you really are on a roll, having two gym badges under your belt, and having decently strong pokemon! Of course, you cant settle with being a decent trainer, you should always try to come out on top! This route has trees, seeing as Senko has loads of trees unharmed by humans, but now they are tall redwoods! This is a truely beautiful region... Here you will find a lot of Grass and Poison type pokemon, so be careful!

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No New Posts Route Five

Route five, one of the more legendary routes in all of Senko. It isnt reconized for its beauty, but more for the legends behind it. Here it is said that people have seen dragon pokemon, which is ridiculous because dragon types are more rare than legendaries here in Senko. It is hard to tell when this route really starts, for the trees are still redwoods. Here you will see few dragon pokemon, grass, fire and poison types.

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No New Posts Kasai Town

Town of Kasai. The third town on your journey. This town is surrounded by fire to protect it from enemies. Once, there was a war with the different trainer types. So this fire was put up by a trainer's Moltres to protect the town from trainers who would want to attack. This town wanted to stay out of the war, that even when the war was over, the flames continued to burn. These flames around the city are special; they never go out. Yet an other mystery to be solved.

Sub-board: Sacred Fire of Kasai Town

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No New Posts Route Six

You now have three badges, showing you are starting to be a force to be reckoned with on route six. This route is a dry desert, being right after Kasai Town. All there is to really see is a lot of sand in the path to find route seven. Hey look, there's a mountain up ahead! Here you will find fire and ground type pokemon mostly.

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No New Posts Route Seven

Route seven is the tallest mountain in Senko. Here, the climb up is more like a hill, not needing climbing supplies or anything to get up it. The rocks are various colors of grey, along with some... Different kinds of jewels?! Looks like you might be able to make some money off of this route! There are few trees that are scattered across the route, and as you get higher, there is more and more snow. Here you will find mostly flying and rock pokemon.

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No New Posts Snow Town

This town is made entirely out of snow. This town never worried about the other trainers attacking during the war; this town is way too high on the highest peak of Senko! These people love snow a lot. Most of the things they have are made out of snow. There are special enchantments on the things in this town, so the snow will never melt, even if there is a fire!

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No New Posts Route Eight

Route eight is much like route seven, only you should have an easier time with the pokemon here since you do have four badges. Either you have strong pokemon, or you have been really lucky up until this point. If you have been lucky up until this point, you should turn back and train, this is where the real challenges begin. As you get more and more away from the top, there is less and less snow. Here you will see a lot of snow, rock and flying type pokemon.

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No New Posts Route Nine

You've actually made it to route nine. You must be a really determined trainer if you have made it this far. You must have a lot of pokemon also... There tend to be pokemon theives from this route on, so you need to be careful. Here it is much like a marsh land, being pretty flat, and muddy. Here you will find a lot of ground and water types.

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No New Posts Denki Town

Denki Town. The town of Electricity. Of course there is a gym there, there is always an electric gym! The Electric Gym of Senko is the very first gym ever built in Senko! The town is surrounded by Electric streams; flying up into the air to protect this town. This town is the oldest one of Senko, and it even says in most legends of Senko; Electric pokemon were also first in Senko.

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No New Posts Route Ten

Route Ten... You now have five badges under your belt. You are more than half way to the Elite Four now! More challenges await on this route, big pokemon have been known to show up on this route, most being the final evolution of other pokemon. This route is electrically charged, probably because Denki Town is so close. Here it is just a large grassy field, brown to be seen in the distance. Here you will find mostly electric and grass type pokemon.

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No New Posts Route Eleven

Route eleven is much like routes seven and eight, a large rocky area to be up ahead. Here you can see all sorts of different rock formations, including some that look a lot like trees. The rocks here will cause some difficulties while battling wild pokemon, but since you are a better trainer than you were on route one, you are sure to be able to handle it! Here you will mainly see rock, ground and steel types roaming around.

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No New Posts Iwa Town

Iwa Town. This is the second town that was built in Senko. These buildings are made out of stone, and the people here dont have much electricity, or fire. So in result, most of the people here dont eat meat! The sixth gym lies here, a rock type gym. Can you muster up the raw power needed to defeat this leader?

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No New Posts Route Twelve

Route twelve is the fourth to last route on your journey! Dont give up now, you've come so far along! Most trainers are now looking up to you as a role model, except for the ones who are also here or are stronger than you. This route is a lot like route eleven, having the rock formations, but here there is grass for the ground instead of just a cliff-like setting.

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No New Posts Route Thirteen

Route thirteen is the third to last route on your journey, giving up now would be a waste of your time even getting here. You have had six badges for two routes now, and last route you have deffinatly gotten stronger. This route has a bit of a plain setting though... Few trees are scattered around, with grass that is... Metalic? You must be really close to Seishin City now, the most advanced city in Senko. Here you will find a lot of steel and psychic type pokemon.

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No New Posts Seishin City

Seishin City. This city is the most advanced city in all of Senko. All the sidewalks move on their own, all the buildings purple. This is the Psychic type city of Senko! Here lies the seventh gym on your quest to become the best. Legend has it, that the Psychic type pokemon were the last type of pokemon to appear in Senko. I wonder why...

Sub-board: Senko Golden Heart Hospital

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No New Posts Route Fourteen

Route fourteen is the second to last route on this adventure you have had. You now have seven badges, and the last town is coming up pretty quickly. To think you were only a beginning trainer not too long ago. This is the last route with trees on it, and you see a path of... Clouds that lead up into the sky coming up for route fifteen? Well, Tobu Town IS getting close... Here you will see multiple types of pokemon, rather than just a few types mainly.

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No New Posts Route Fifteen

Route fifteen! You finally made it! This is the last route on your journey, then it is Tobu Town, and then the Ice Caves to get to the Elite Four! You really have done a wonderful job to have gotten here! This route is a bunch of golden colored clouds the head up into the sky, to the town in the sky, Tobu Town. Here, on this route, you will see mostly flying type pokemon, but you will see plenty of other types also.

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No New Posts Tobu Town

Tobu Town. This town is in the sky. It is held up by never-moving clouds that have a spell on them. The buildings of this town are also made of clouds; for the fear of something heavier would fall right through. This town holds in it the Flying type gym, and the Pokemon Contest, Grand Festival! This gym is the final gym on your journey before the Elite Four. Treasure this moment, for this will be one of the few weaker battles you have left. Lets just hope you have a flying type to take you up here.

Sub-board: Tobu Fountain

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No New Posts Ice Caves

Here is the final place that is keeping you from reaching the Elite Four. The Ice Caves. You need to be careful in here, as you might slide into a few of the walls in here. The entire inside of the cave is completely covered in ice, so it is obvious where it got the name from. It is also rather chilly in here, so you might want to wear a sweatshirt. Here you will find ONLY Ice Type pokemon.

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No New Posts Senko Pokemon League

Wow, you've finally made it to the Pokemon League! This is your last challenge before becoming a true Pokemon Master! You need to defeat the Elite Four and the Champion without losing all your Pokemon. If you do, you have to start over again! This is what seperates the best trainers from the rest of them. Are you ready?

Sub-boards: Ice Elite, Dark Elite, Poison Elite, Dragon Elite

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Other Places in Senko

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No New Posts Dark Cave

This strange, large cave is easy to get lost in. Rumour has it that somewhere inside, there is a weird pool that seems to serve no purpose other than really pure water.
Rock, Ground, Dark and Ghost pokemon call this place home.

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No New Posts Mount Molten

This volcano is currently dormant, and has not errupted for a hundred years, though there is still volcanic activity within. Fire, and the occasional ground types, call this remote place home.

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No New Posts Closed Pokemon Center

This was the first pokemon center in Senko, though after a few decades, it was moved to it's current location. However, the family that ran the place never had the hear to tear it down, so left it open as a place for wild pokemon to stay.
Normal pokemon now call this place home, though on rare occasions, a pokemon of another type may visit.

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No New Posts Aviary

This place is like a huge cage! A group of people built it years ago, hoping to keep their beloved bird pokemon in it. However, they left open one of the doors, and the pokemon got out. Shortly afterwards, the people moved away. Now, wild bird pokemon have claimed the place as their home, and some trainers chose to enter and try to get one for themselves.

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No New Posts Flower Meadow

Untouched by buildings and pollution, this huge meadow is a haven for grass type-pokemon, as well as bugs. There are only a handfull of trees, but they have been growing for so long that they're some of the biggest in Senko!

Sub-board: Oak Tree

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No New Posts Sally's Waterfall

This quiet and serene place is extremely beautiful, and unspoilt by pollution and buildings.
The waterfall is very large and wide, and at the top is a magnificent view.
Nowadays, trainers come here to find water type pokemon, and the odd ice type if they're lucky.

Sub-board: Waterfall Cavern

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No New Posts The Beach

Senko's beach is the ideal getaway for those who wish to toss their worries aside in favor of pristine, white sand and gorgeous blue waters. This is a vacation spot for lovers, family, or just you by yourself. Pokemon and their trainers frolic about to and fro, and some people in swimsuits can usually be found playing volleyball. Of course, that's not the only thing that they're good at -- battling is a common event here. And if you want more pokemon of your own, and have a pokemon to take you into the deeper waters, pokemon can also be found.

Sub-board: Senko Docks

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No New Posts Abandoned Dojo

This now run-down place was once where all sorts of trainers would come to test themselves. However, when the owner passed away, it was left alone. Now, wild pokemon of the fighting type have come to call this place home.

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No New Posts Power Plant

This place used to supply Senko with all of it's power, however, something went wrong with the main genorator, and the site closed promptly. However, the smaller sections still generated some electricity. Not enough to power the land, but enough to attract electric types here.
The smaller Senko Steelworks building is located next to it.

Sub-board: Senko Steelworks

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No New Posts Sandshrew Shrine

Here is Senko's Desert, Sandshrew Shrine! Here, you will find loads of ground type pokemon, enjoying the nice warm sand. Who would want to come here though, seriously? All there is for miles and miles is just sand. Hopefully you wont die of heat stroke before you find your way out...


Sub-board: Oasis

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No New Posts Senko's Pokemon Center

This is the Pokemon Center that is actually open in Senko. It is a rather big for a Pokemon Center, but it is the only one in Senko. Here is where you bring your injured pokemon every once in a while to get them healed and such. Either Nurse Joy or another nurse will come out to help you out and make sure your pokemon are healthy! Be sure to come here every once in a while to get your pokemon healed so your pokemon love you that much more! (And to avoid Godmoding)

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Ja'aku Headquarters

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No New Posts Ja'aku Courtyard

Here is the courtyard for Team Ja'aku's headquarters. Here is where you'll find the area to sign up with the team. The appearance here looks relatively nice though, as if to try and make it not seem suspicious. There's a fountain in the middle, and green grass is neatly trimmed. The only thing that really makes the headquarters stick out are the relatively dull and grey buildings around the courtyard area...

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No New Posts Ja'aku Barracks

To the left and right hand sides of the Courtyard are the Ja'aku Barracks. These house all the people who have decided to join Ja'aku in a [relatively] safe environment where the leadership can keep an eye on what everyone is doing. The Barracks are all shared between both genders, leading to mischief around the buildings from time to time.

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